Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sale! 50% of sales goes to flood victims.

Vicarious Vitae, is having a 50 linden sale on all her items to help the victims of flooding in poland. 50% of all sales will be going to the polish Red Cross until June 26th.

If you're a vendor interested in helping by setting up a vendor with a full or split profit, let me know and I'll get you a vendor kit set up! They're only accepting donations until June 26th, so hurry! :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sale! Sale! Sale, and NEW MM prizes Aswell as L.O.W!

Wewt Wewt! Sale!

Hey Ya'll, looks like we got a sale going on! We got. a Pretty pink Jeans and tank outfit! Tara, Its it cute! It has little dragonflys on the jeans. Super Duper Amazingly Cute!! Oh! Also don't forget the cute pink sunglasses that come with the outfit! I think this is one of my person favorite sale Items, just so cute! This outfit, being super cute, only costs, 60 Lindens, so don't forget to pick it up before it goes back to its regular price!

Two words, that when combined, is AMAZING, Sock, and Monkies! Yeah I know what your thinking. OHMAHGAHH!!! SOCK MONKIES! Yeah, I know right? Well here is an outfit that is just pure cutesness! Has a sock monkey baby doll top, with a sock monkey pattern that is to die for! Then you have some cute little Capris! On the Capris we have some banana print! Its super duper cute! Also, coming in the same pattern as the babydoll top, is, Bracelets, hair bows, sun glasses, tennies shoes, and a interactive Binky that is super cute as well! You should defiantly pick this up. Its only for 50 Lindens too! What a bargin!

Okay, Now for all those purple, loving girly girls out there! We have a Baby doll dress! Three different shades of purple on it, vertical stripes! Perfect for the everyday girly girl! It comes with matching sunglasses, hair bows, flipflops, bracelets and a Interactive binky! The awesome doesn't just stop there! The outfit also comes with a jean outfit as well! So, its two for the price of one! You get a baby doll top, the same color as the dress, holy shorter! and to put under it you get some cute little jeans! Don't forget to put on some sneakers as well! All for 50 Lindens! They are cute! Oh my, I just LOVE sales, don't you?

Letter Of The Week! (L.O.W)

I just love letter of the week, its always so exciting! Vicarious Vitae always has the most amazing stuff! Like this week, for the letter Q, we have Quinn! A green, sparkley babydoll outfit! Little stars all over! Also you get the super cute and sparkley all over!! You will squeel with delight when you see it is only 50 lindens for the whole outfit! Binky, shoes, and hairbows!! Wewt!

Here is my most favorite part about shopping! Midnight Mania! Oh mah gahhhh! *imploades!* Its so fun! You will always find the best stuff here at Vicarious Vitae! Violet was finally pushed to change the prize on the board! So up now, in the back by all the sale items and everything else. You can vote for what you want to be the next prize! Three choices! A lady bug outfit! Or, a Pink music box! OR! Even ring pops! Just pay it 1 Linen to vote (you'll get you money back!)

And this will end my post! Oh! Wait! One more thing! We have a hunt that started June 5th! This store is the starting point! Come on down and start looking for crayons and you can find some funny rainbow stuffs!