Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Sales Aug 25th

It's time for school! If you're going to HKE with me, there are lots of things for you here at the store and at the school store :). Plus there is a cute photo board too! It's all to the right on the first floor at V*V. Please click on tap to the left names HKE School Items.

Don't forget about the three Hunt we have going on this month.
Summer Doesn't End
Hollywood Walk of Fame
September Rain

50L Friday Kids

Jillian n' Orange
Orange strapped shirt and dark blue jean skirt with orange ruffles. Outfit includes bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses, sandals & interactive binky.

Purple dress with white polka dots. Outfit includes slippers, sunglasses, bracelets, hair bows, & interactive binky.

Kidz 60L Weekends

Cute pink, purple, and white cheerleader outfit
with animated pom poms!
Outfit also includes sneakers, hair bows.
(pom poms animated & non animated)

Letter Of The Week (L.O.W.)

Insect Inspector
Outfit for boys that would also look cute on girls as well. Not new, but on sale for the Letter Of the Week, which is "I"

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend Sales Aug 19th

There are some really cute breedable fairies at the landing point! Just 100Ls each, they include everything you need to start but food, which can be purchased from the vendors at the landing point.

<--- This outfit is on the steps outside the store. Wear your group tag and click it to receive your free outfit! Hurry it won't be free forever! Purple short sleeve shirt with plaid heart logo and a Plaid purple skirt. As always outfit includes: bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses, slippers and interactive binky.

Hollywood Walk Of Fame Hunt
Shirley Temple

This wonderful hunt has started. The Gift can be found in a small Gold Star. This lovely Shirley Temple (staring in Stand Up and Cheer) Includes All Clothing and Accessories Shown in Picture.

50L Friday Kids

Frannie in Pink

A pretty pink dress with white daisies, it's like the Frannie in Blue exclusive, but it's pink and will be sold for quite a long time! :)

Kidz 60L Weekends
Monkey See Monkey Do

Green short sleeve shirts with Monkey Logo and Dark blue jeans. This is a Unisex Outfit for twins/siblings. Both are includes in transaction and transferable!

Letter Of The Week (L.O.W.)

Paulette Mommy & Me Outfit

This weeks letter is P for Paulette only 50L.

Kid Outfit: Yellow babydoll top with bows and jean capris with cuffs. Also includes: flip flops, bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses, and interactive binky.

Mom Outfit: Yellow corset top and jean capris with cuffs. Also includes: bracelets, sunglasses, and flip flops.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekend Sales

Store Hunt (10 star) and 50L Store Wide Sale runs through Sunday evening. The Frannie in blue exclusive will be gone Saturday night/Sunday morning and a new outfit will be in its place.
- Preview of many new Kids Fair items to come soon -

50L Friday Kids

Pink short sleeve shirt with plaid butterfly logo. Beautiful plaid skirt with green ruffle trim. Along with slippers, tights, bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses and interactive binky.

Kidz 60L Weekends

Green short sleeve shirt with blue daisy logo. Dark blue jeans skirt with daisy trim. As always outfit includes: slippers, bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses and interactive binky.

Letter Of The Week (L.O.W.)

Purple short sleeve dress with multi colored object prints all over. Outfit includes: slippers, socks, bracelets, hair bows, sunglasses and interactive binky.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Grand Reopening

We have moved to the ground.

There a bunch of great vendors outside around the fishing pond, A Log cabin as the main store and a little shed full of bunny nests to the left of the main store. There are tons of places for you to explore, so run around and have fun! ^_^

Almost everything in the store has been marked down and there are 10 tiny pink stars with free gifts inside waiting for you to find them. A hint: one is on the stairs to the bunny shed. The other 9 are hidden inside the main store.

Come have fun with us.

Weekly Deal

There is only one new outfit this week :(

Stripped babydoll top with cuffed capris. As always outfit includes: hair bows, sunglasses, bracelets, flip flops, and interactive binky.

Don't be sad though! a LOT of brand new things for Kids Fair 2010 which runs August 16-22. There will be at least 15 brand new items for you to buy there. Some will only be available during Kids Fair and some will be released in the main store at a later date. See the NC for more! :)